Italian Coffee. Sardinian Flair.

Nigheddu - The Finest Blend of 100% Arabica.

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An exquisite blend of the finest beans. A well balanced, full bodied flavour with rich crema.

Stephen Campbell

Diese Kaffeebohnen aus 100-Prozent Arabica lassen beim Geschmackserlebnis keine Wünsche offen.

Simeon Dachwitz

Excellent coffee. Full flavour without leaving a bitter taste as so many do. In my opinion, a coffee that stands out from all the others I have tried.


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Nigheddu - The Finest Blend. 100% Arabica

World-class coffee using slow roasting coffee techniques and the finest quality Arabica beans. We pride ourselves on our dedication, commitment, and patience – after all, excellent coffee takes time! We are a family-owned artisan company who are passionate about coffee. We don’t mind admitting that we are a little obsessed! Discover our unique blends, learn how we roast our coffee and how to share our love for Italian coffee with Caffe Sardo.

For the gourmet, individualist and connoisseur, the ‘Nigheddu’ (Sardinian for ‘black’) blend is the finest coffee of choice.


What makes our coffee special?


Our family-run company has been offering exquisite Italian delicacies for over 40 years and is an absolute must for Italian-loving connoisseurs. The launch of Caffè Sardo is an exciting new chapter and embodies the typically Sardinian love of fine coffee and good living. 


Caffè Sardo's exceptional Nigheddu blend, made with 100 percent Arabica beans carefully selected from around the world, recalls an ancient Sardinian proverb that states coffee should be 'as black as night, as hot as love and as sweet or bitter as life itself'.


Arabica undoubtedly makes the best tasting coffee. In contrast to the Robusta, the Arabica bean demands specific climate and soil conditions. It thrives optimally between 600 m and 2100 m above sea level. Due to the high altitude the Arabica cherries mature at a much slower rate than the Robusta coffee bean

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